Flood / Flowers

A string of storms in the Twin Cities last week left about 280,000 people without electricity or hot water for 3 or 4 days. Way down in south-south Minneapolis (or SoSoMi, my attempt at cool neighborhood rebrand), we got lucky and functioned mostly the way we would on a sunny day--reclusively watching full seasons of America's Best Dance Crew.

In Uptown, my friend Carl took advantage of the blackout and created a pentacle out of flour with pillar candles on each star point (not pictured, because, yikes, just imagine it). He also took the photo above of his friend's car, floating away.

For now, it's stopped raining, the sun is out, I don't even need to turn on A/C, and the peonies are in bloom. Everybody: I'm really trying not to make this entire blog a #humblebrag, but I feel very lucky.